Sound Proofing

Richmond Refurbishments has wide experience in soundproofing within domestic and commercial properties. We offer a choice of cost-effective options designed to minimise the irritation of nuisance noise, whether it be airborne or impact in nature.

Our experienced team will consult with you to establish the cause of the noise problems you are experiencing and make suggestions as to remedial action.

Soundproofing your home or workplace can make a significant impact on your quality of life. Nuisance noise causes stress, lack of sleep and annoyance – now thanks to Richmond Refurbishments help is at hand.

Soundproofing services

Spray applied polyurethane foam offers a versatile soundproofing solution in many applications – it expands to create a superior insulation and acoustic barrier and adheres to everything, effortlessly sealing gaps and preventing surface interstitial condensation.

Spray foam insulation is a safe, green alternative to other insulation materials.

  • Absorbs 50% of the sound energy transmitted through air
  • Excellent fire retardant properties
  • All domestic property where noise pollution is a problem
  • Music noise from clubs and pubs
  • Ease of application with spray, injection or molding
  • Apply to walls, roofs, ceilings, floors – prevents noise invasion

Clean, quick and easy to install, spray foam sound insulation offers a viable and cost-effective solution in many instances. Please contact us to find out more about polyurethane spray foam sound insulation now.

Wall soundproofing

We offer a choice of wall soundproofing solutions and often suggest using acoustic mineral wool applied directly against the party wall, under your floors, and in the ceiling void next to the offending party wall, if you believe noise may be entering here too.

Soundproofing panels are easy to install, involve minimal room size loss and are cost-effective. We may also suggest using resilient bars, acoustic membrane resilient bars, acoustic mineral wool slabs, battens and acoustic plasterboard wall, according to the specifics of your noise problem.

Alternatively, where noise pollution is excessive, we would suggest constructing of a new stud wall with soundproofing for optimum acoustic privacy.

Floor soundproofing

When considering what kind of flooring soundproofing is best you need to consider whether you can raise the floor height and by how much; the final walking surface you wish to use; access to the voids, and the nature of the problem. Is it airborne or impact noise?

If you are trying to meet regulation E standards, Richmond Refurbishments offers a choice of proprietary floating floor systems.

We also supply and fit a number of above floor solutions for anyone with access restrictions that doesn’t mind raising the floor height.

Ceiling soundproofing

The appropriate method of ceiling soundproofing - resilient (sound breaker bar), acoustic hangers or independent ceilings – depends on ceiling height limitations, the level of impact noise you are living with and budget constraints. Richmond Refurbishments will consult with you and make ceiling soundproofing recommendations to suit.

Please contact Richmond Refurbishments to discuss your soundproofing requirements and to obtain a free quotation.

Richmond Refurbishments: Sound Proofing