Insulation improves your property’s comfort, desirability and adds value. It’s a wise investment, bringing immediate and longer-term benefits. All householders are currently being encouraged by the government to insulate their homes as part of its drive to meet climate change commitments.

Thermal insulation with Richmond Refurbishments is highly effective and will save you money by reducing your heating bills.

Two of the most effective ways to introduce energy saving measures into a property are cavity wall and loft insulation (both of which are considered home improvements).

Insulation can:

  • Cut your heating bills and bring fast payback
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Make your home warmer and reduce condensation
  • Boost the value of your property

Richmond Refurbishments specialises in insulation – we can bring you a wide choice of insulation solutions at value for money prices, installed by true professionals.

Did you know that as much as 40% of heat is lost through the walls of your home? Cavity wall insulation is an affordable solution with Richmond Refurbishments. All of our cavity wall installations carry a 25 year guarantee from CIGA (the Cavity Installation Guarantee Agency).

Insulation survey

Before undertaking any insulation work we would visit your home or site to undertake an insulation survey and determine the best approach.

Loft Insulation

As much as 30% of heat may be lost through your roof. Loft insulation – available as clean, easy to install polyurethane foam spray or more traditional rolled insulation – will make a measurable difference in your energy savings.

Loft insulation will pay for itself over and over. The more insulated your home, the less energy you need to heat it and the more money you'll save in the long run. What’s more, your home will produce less CO2 - reducing your impact on the environment.

For lofts with difficult access, spray foam insulation is the perfect solution.

  • Twice the insulation value of glass fibre
  • Expands to seal all gaps and provides its own vapour control layer
  • Offers strength and sound-insulation and cuts out unwanted air leakage
  • Complete design and installation service available for sound insulation
  • All materials manufactured to ISO 9002
  • 10 – 25 year guarantees
  • Additional insurance bonded guarantees

Though lightweight (2 kg per m2 at 25 mm) our sprayed polyurethane foam is very rigid and enhances durability to any structure.

From an insulation point of view it is the most efficient, commercial insulator available. Not only offering fast 'pay back', it dramatically reduces heat loss.

Please contact Richmond Refurbishments to discuss your insulation requirements and to obtain a free quotation.

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